Odlo ski wear: 70 years of Innovation

Odlo are renowned for making some of the best thermal ski layers and skiing apparel in the world, and they are a regular fixture here at White Stone. Odlo ski wear has been worn by countless athletes in the Winter Olympic games, from 1963 right up to present day. Here is a little more information about the brand and its products...

Odlo first began in 1946 in Norway, when founder  Odd Roar Lofterød began producing training wear for ice-skating athletes, which protected them from the cold. In 1963, Odlo introduced their first elasticized ski outfit for cross-country skiers, which was made the synthetic fiber Helanca. These revolutionary outfits were worn by the Norwegian national ski team in the 1964 Olympic Winter Games, and by the time of the 1972 Olympic Games, over 20 national teams were wearing Odlo sportswear.

The 1980's saw Odlo go global, with the introduction of their cutting-edge Athletic Clothing System, which provided three layers to ensure moisture regulation, temperature control, and protection from the elements. Later in the 1990's Odlo branched out in 1994 with running and outdoor collections that ensured athletes of all types could comfortably exercise in any climate.

In 2002 the Odlo fiber was developed, marking a breakthrough in fabric technology; this was the first base-layer product made with odor-reducing silver ions. In 2006, Odlo introduced another groundbreaking high-tech fabric; this was the lightweight, all-year-round underwear fabric cubic had a three-dimensional structure that ensured optimal body temperatures. Odlo's motto ''Always make sure you’re one step ahead'' highlights their underlying goal that has been with them since they first began, to innovate and develop the technology that make them leaders in their field, and make them the first choice of the pros and the amateur athletes alike.

Today Odlo continue to push the boundaries of performance fabrics and apparel, with their ski wear still used by many athletes including the Swiss and Norwegian ski teams.

Now that you know a bit more about the brand, why not check out our Odlo page here... here are a few favorites from their 2014/15 collection

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odlo suisseodlo base layerski baselayerkids ski baselayer

odlo bmidlayer mensodlo ski pantodlo white baselayerski midlayer

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