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Ski and Snowboard Servicing

When skis and snowboards are new the manufacturers prepare the bases and edges for use but with time the base gets damaged and the edges become dull and burred. This will not just make them slow but will also make them hard to control and turn. Our fully trained and very experienced workshop staff will service your skis and snowboards to the highest standard using our new R off B Italian grinding machine. The final touches to the edges and base are then made by hand to ensure the most precise finish.

Ski and Snowboard Wax

We use very high quality Swix waxes in two temperature ratings. If you are going to ski or board in very warm(Spring) or very cold conditions(Canada in January) then let us know so we can prepare your equipment for optimum performance.



@ 10 - 14 days please call for 01423 858584 to check.


We offer the following service :

Full service  (Skis from £39.00 Snowboards from £50.00)

£10 discount for White Stone purchased equipment.

  • Clean the base using either Citrus Solvent Base Cleaner or hot wax method depended on how much old wax is left on base.
  • Fill deeper scratch’s with high quality polyethylene using our high temperature injection repair gun to achieve a long lasting repair.
  • Remove excess polyethylene by hand.
  • Machine grind base to ensure a flat and structured surface.
  • Sharpen base edge by hand.
  • Sharpen side edge by hand to the manufacturer’s / your desired angle.
  • Apply high quality Swix Hot Wax by hand.
  • Polish base with hand brush.
  • Apply Zardoz final finish


Patch Repairs ( from £15.00 per repair plus Full Service cost)

If your ski or snowboard have more severe damage and the scratch is too deep to be repaired by injection gun, the damaged area can be removed and replaced with a new piece of polyethylene bonded to the core of the ski or snowboard. Once this is done a full service is carried out.

Binding Mounts

  • Bindings and skis purchased from White Stone are mounted and set up free of charge.
  • We do not fit bindings to skis which have been purchased elsewhere.

Ski Boots

  • Stretching / fitting- Free of Charge for boots purchased from White Stone which are Custom or Foam Fitted.
    Boot adjustments and re-stretching / fitting  Min 1 hour at £49.95 then £50 per hour there after.
  • Boot Repairs such as broken buckles - dependent on work required. Please call for a quote.