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Spotlight on... Parajumpers

Parajumpers are an exciting new brand to White Stone, with their ski wear and winter clothing already proving very popular with our customers this season. Parajumpers' distinctive branding and unique details make their products instantly recognizable. Here is a little of the story behind Parajumpers:

Parajumpers are a relatively young brand, having only celebrated their fifth anniversary this year, but in that time they have become very well established within the luxury ski wear and winter apparel field; a fact that is testament to the high quality of the products they make. The label began as the project of Italian designer Massimo Rossetti, who sought to utilise his many years of experience as a designer of outerwear to create an innovative and stylish collection, designed above all else to be highly functional. Rosetti took his inspiration for this collection from a meeting with a serving member of the 210th Rescue Squadron in a bar in Anchorage Alaska...

Parajumpers 2015/16 Collection

Based in based in Anchorage, Alaska, The 210th Rescue Squadron are highly trained to perform extreme rescues and recoveries in some of the most hostile and testing environments. The 210th is called upon for just about any difficult rescue imaginable: be it rescuing ships and submarines in distress or climbers in need of a help on a high mountain peak. The PJ's (The nickname for the 210th Rescue Squadron's Parajumpers) inspired Rosetti to create outerwear that was as technically advanced, robust and hard-wearing as the PJ's themselves; even adopting their name and their motto which is added to the sleeve of their jackets: 'That others may live'.

Here Parajumpers' Marco Tonazzi discusses the story behind the brand and its products in a 2014 interview with Snow Magazine:

Parajumpers jackets typically include trademark features like the hard-wearing nylon outer, down-padded lining and a fur-trimmed hood. Parajumpers' collars often fasten with a distinctive hook that is seen in parachuting equipment - a feature inspired by the tech used by the PJ's.

Now that you know some of their history, why not take a look at Parajumpers' 2014/15 range by visiting our brand page here... some of the highlights can be seen below (Click on images to view full product details):

 Parajumpers Coat

Parajumpers Ski JacketWomens Parajumpers Ski Layer

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