Choosing the right ski helmet

Ski helmets are without doubt an essential item for any ski trip. As you'll see from the range of ski helmets at White Stone, they come in quite a few different styles - but there is much more to take into account than simply how they look. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a ski helmet...


It might sound obvious, but the one thing a helmet should be able to do above all else is to protect your head in the event of a fall or a collision. All of the ski helmets at White Stone are compliant with Central European (CE) standard EN1077, which is the industry standard for the protection offered by the helmet.

Ski helmets typically consist of a rigid outer shell with an inner foam liner, which is typically made from Expanded polystyrene, or EPS. In the event of an fall, the outer takes full impact, while the inner foam protects the wearer's head - absorbing the shock. There are two main types of helmet construction, these are In-mold helmets and Injection Molded helmets.

In-mold ski helmets are made in a one mold process, giving an extremely tough design. These have a secure fit, as the outer shell and inner foam are built as one component. In-mold helmets are the lighter of the two styles of ski helmet, though they can be less durable than injection molded helmets; While these can take plenty of wear and tear, they are likely to need replacing after any major impact. Here are a few examples of In-mold ski helmets available at White Stone:

Giro Nine MIPS Mens Ski Helmet in BlackO'Neill Pro Cork Helmet in EcoSweet Protection Blaster II MIPS Ski Helmet in Matte White

Injection-molded helmets are constructed with with the inner foam attaching to a tough plastic outer shell. These typically include an inner made from EPS foam. Injection molded helmets are generally more durable by comparison to in mold helmets, as they can withstand multiple impacts. Here are a few examples of injection molded ski helmets available at White Stone:

Sweet Protection Trooper II MIPS Ski Helmet In Matte Bird Blue Metallic Sweet Protection Igniter II MIPS Ski Helmet in Gloss WhiteBolle Backline Visor Premium Ski Helmet in Shiny Galaxy White


One of the most important things to take into account when choosing a ski helmet is selecting one that fits correctly. A ski helmet should be aligned on your head, without being too snug. it should not be able to move when nudged. There shouldn't be any movement in the helmet when you look up or down. Most of the ski helmets here at White Stone are adjustable which means that once you have the size that is closest to your fit, there is some room for adjustment in the helmet itself.

The front of the helmet should meet with the top of your goggles so there is no skin showing in-between, without displacing or putting any pressure on the goggles themselves. The chinstrap should also be a snug fit, still allowing you to open and close your mouth with ease. 

Sizing varies from one brand to another, and we always advise that it is much better to try on a ski helmet before buying - if possible it is even better to try it on with the goggles that you are going to be wearing it with. Size guides are available for each of the ski helmet brands that we stock here at White Stone.


Ski helmets offer the wearer warmth in cold climates, but it is also important that they are breathable - releasing moisture from inside the helmet that can build up when skiing. Many of the helmets at White Stone feature a 'stack vent', a ventilation system in the helmet's construction that can be opened and closed. Additionally, many helmets feature removable liners that are breathable, and can be washed.

The Look

How a helmet looks may not be the number one priority, but it certainly is something that most skiers like to take into account! We have a diverse range of helmets here at White Stone, with most of our helmets coming in several colours and styles. You can view all of our helmets at our Mens, Womens and Childrens pages...


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