Descente Ski Wear: 'Excellence in Craftsmanship'

High performance ski wear is central to all we do here at White Stone, and Descente are one of our most highly rated brands. Here is a little of the story behind the brand as well as the technology that goes into Descente Ski Wear.

Founded in Osaka, Japan in 1935, Descente were early pioneers in the development of performance technical fabrics for use in sportswear. They made their move into ski-wear in the late 1950's, taking their innovative attitude to fabric design and production into a fast growing and highly demanding arena. Today, Descente continue to create quality products, combining high quality workmanship, attention to detail, and breathtaking finishes.

Descente's guiding philosophy is that its ''excellence in craftsmanship'' is sustained by everyone from the point of a product’s inception, to the moment an athlete puts it into action. Descente aim to instill their 'spirit of care and superiority' into every fiber of every product.

The Descente ski wear that we stock here at White Stone utilises some of the brand's key technology & innovations in fabric design, insulation and waterproofing. Here is an overview of some of the key terms used in Descente Performance Ski products:

Heat Navi: This is used in the lining and insulation layers of Descente's ski wear. Heat Navi converts infrared rays that penetrate a jacket into heat to keep the wearer's body warm even when they're not in motion.

Dermizax NX is a non-porous , 30,000MM waterproof ultra-thin, smart membrane with polymer molecules that move at an accelerated rate. This results in a high breathability rating of 40,000GM. This fabric holds up to 200% stretch.    

Descente Ski Jackets

Heatflex 40 insulation is resilient, washable, lightweight and quick drying. Heatflex is a blend of unique microfiber and 100% polyester which traps air and reflects the body's heat better than other synthetic insulations. The Descente Heatflex system provides maximum warmth and is available in three weights.

Motion 3D Descente use Motion 3D patterns to design products that fit the movements that the wearer's body makes as they move, stretch, and turn. With Motion 3D, Descente is able to design products on a 3-dimensional model as opposed to the traditional 2-dimension flat pattern. 

4-Way Stretch Descente's 4-Way Stretch fabric is a blend of nylon and fibers. The combination of the two creates a fabric with give and stretch with every movement the wearer's body makes providing ultimate comfort.

Kids Descente Ski Jackets

Matt 4-Way Stretch Descente's Matt 4-Way Stretch fabric is a thick fabric balanced with a comfortable stretch. Matt 4-Way Stretch fabric is usually finished with Dermizax.

Ridge Ox Descente's Ridge Ox fabric is a long lasting fabric with a smooth to touch finish. Ridge Ox fabric has a DT10k waterproof and breathability rating.


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