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Giro ski helmets are a staple of the ski collection at White Stone. Their mens, womens and children's ski helmets offer a consistently high standard of protection and comfort - and they look pretty good too! Following our recent guide on 'Choosing the Right Ski Helmet', here is some more info behind Giro and their products...

Giro hail from Santa Cruz in California, a place known as the 'intersection of the surf and mountains'. Giro are a highly regarded manufacturer of ski goggles and ski helmets, though their origins are in fact in the sport of cycling. They began in 1985 when their founder Jim Gentes took the opportunity to create a lightweight, stylish, vented piece of f performance headgear for cyclists - addressing what many cyclists at the time felt was a very big niche in the market. In response to this niche Giro released the ProLight helmet, which would go on to have a profound effect on cycling helmet design and innovation for many of the years that followed.

giro ski helmetsAs Giro themselves put it, the brand is shaped by its surroundings, the 'Santa Cruz Effect', which quickly saw them branch out into other sports, taking their thirst for innovation and their flare for functional and stylish design into diverse new areas of cycling, before becoming a well established name in skiing and snowboarding. With an established name for creating some of the most functional and innovative head protection in cycling, they were able to quickly transfer their high level of expertise to winter sports technology.

One of Giro's most well known helmets is the 'Nine', a model that has been innovated and improved upon over ten years and multiple ranges. Utilising Giro's expertise gained across multiple sports and technologies, the Nine's most recent incarnation, the 'Nine Plus' is currently available here at White Stone. This ski helmet typifies Giro's aims to combine a high level of functionality with elements that provide comfort and style. The Nine is available in both mens and womens models (called the Era), featuring a low profile design, in-mold construction, plenty of ventilation and stack ventilation. Here Giro's designer's discuss the evolution of the Nine, and the technology behind it:

Now that you know some of the background behind Giro and their products, here are a few highlights from the Giro products here at White Stone...

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