Ski Base Layers - A Buying guide

Base layers play a crucial role in ensuring that you maintain a comfortable body temperature while skiing, as the first layer that sits directly against your skin. Base layer’s are not just a warm layer to wear under your ski jacket, they can play a pivotal role in wicking away moisture from your body (often caused by sweat) to prevent dampness and cold setting in.

At White Stone we stock a wide range of base layer tops and bottoms from brands including Bogner, Goldbergh, J.Lindeberg, Falke, Odlo and many more designer brands. Here is our guide to choosing a ski base layer.

Types of Base layer

Synthetic base layers

Synthetic base layers are usually made from Polyester and Polyester blends, and are typically worn in temperatures down to -8 to -10 degrees – in combination with ski outerwear. Polyester is a quick drying fabric that is lightweight and will wick moisture away from the skin to keep the wearer dry.

Falke Ski Base Layers

Merino Wool Base layers

Merino wool regulates body temperature, with tiny air pockets in the wool that help to draw away excess heat from the body, which helps prevent overheating during a period of prolonged exercise. This also helps to retain heat within the wool’s fibers, helping to keep the wearer warm in colder conditions. Merino base layers can usually be effective in temperatures down to -15 to -20 degrees. Their breathability means that they can also be worn in warmer spring skiing conditions.

Merino base layers retain their thermal properties even when wet. The naturally wicking and anti bacterial properties of merino wool help to keep skin dry and mean that a merino base layer will not begin to smell after being worn for an extended period of time.

Base layer sizing

Ski base layers should be tight fitting, so that they trap air next to the skin, providing insulation from the cold. You should select a base layer that is consistent with the sizing of ski clothing you normally wear, as they will usually made a little smaller with this in mind.

Ski Baselayer Sizing

The layering system

Layered clothes are more effective for keeping warm than one thick layer, as the layers are able to trap air against the skin to keep the wearer warm. An effective layering system for cold conditions will usually consist of multiple layers: a base layer, a mid-layer and then outerwear. Visit our Ski layering system page to see more about effective ski layering.