Ski luggage at its best, made by Douchebags

douchebags ski bagsHaving the right skiing luggage can make a big difference to any ski trip - after all skiing equipment can be pretty difficult to carry through a busy airport. Douchebags are without doubt one of the more unusually named brands here at White Stone, but the quality of their ski luggage is something that we have total confidence in!

Douchebags began in 2009 as the brainchild of Norwegian Product Development Engineer Truls Brataas and legendary Swedish twin-tip skier Jon Olsson. The two realized that their love for sport stood in stark contrast to 'the pain of bringing the necessary gear'; they decided that as long suffering users of existing sports luggage, they were well placed create something better. As a professional skier Jon was used to traveling with equipment for up to 300 days a year, in his own words noting that: '“it was time for travel gear to be redefined”.

The pair began by interviewing over 150 skiers, snowboarders and surfers to learn what the user really needed from their travel gear. They talked to drivers, train conductors and airlines companies as well as luggage handlers, to learn how to make travel gear that is better suited for all aspects of transportation. This research highlighted five important needs to address:

  • Low weight
  • Solid protection
  • Efficient and comfortable carrying system
  • Adjustment system
  • Compressible design

Working closely with award-winning product designer and ski enthusiast Per Finne, as well as The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the team were able to develop a patented technology that makes it possible to create products that meets all of these five crucial needs.

The 'Douchebags' brand was officially established in 2011, as a Norwegian company, with the very first Douchebags products launched in January 2012. Douchebags were an instant hit with skiing professionals and the wider skiing public. Douchebages quickly became an extremely popular choice, for their comfort, efficiency and appearance... even if their product names are a little unusual!

Now you know some of the story behind Douchebags and their ski luggage, here are a few favourites currently here at White Stone:


DoucheBags SkiSki Luggage by DouchebagsSki Bags by DouchebagsSki Luggage Douchebags

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