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6 Tips for Buying Ski Gloves

Ski gloves can make or break a day on the ski slopes; after all having gloves that don't fit your hand, or suit the weather conditions you're skiing in is no fun at all! Here are 5 tips to help choosing the right ski gloves...

1. Gloves to suit the activities

Choose gloves to suit the activities you're using them for.  There is no multi-purpose glove that is ideal for all occasions. What you want from a glove - durability, protection, insulation and how well it allows for manual dexterity - will depend on the activity

2. Choosing the right size

Glove size is very important. Ski gloves must allow room for air circulation, which insulates against the cold. If you want to keep your hands really warm, choose a generous size glove (however thin the liner that you wear inside the glove should fit snugly on your hand). Try the gloves on with a liner and be careful not to buy too small.

3. If you feel the cold...

In biting cold weather, it's essential to wear thicker mittens, so that your fingers are snuggled together in the pocket of warm air. If you feel the cold easily, it is a good idea to choose a mitten - preferably made of leather. You could also consider our range of heated ski gloves and ski mitts.

4. Gloves to suit the weather

If the conditions are likely to be damp, you may need gloves with a membrane, like Gore-Tex, to keep your hands dry and comfortable. Leather is an excellent choice for cold, dry conditions. When hands are in contact with cold surfaces, it provides better insulations than any man-made materials.

5. Ski Gloves vs Ski Mitts

A question we hear often is 'Which are better - gloves or mitts?'. There really isn't a straightforward answer to this, as there are advantages to both. Ski mitts will arguably help your fingers to keep warmer in cold conditions - Your fin­gers, when bun­dled together, are bet­ter able to gen­er­ate heat using one another. The downside to this of course - and this is where gloves have the advantage - is that mitts do offer much less dexterity. This can mean taking them off every time you need to reach for your ski pass or unzip a pocket!

6. Extra liners

If you choose gloves with removable liners, you can buy extra liners. You can use the same base/shell glove together with liners of different materials to adjust the level of insulation according to the temperature. It is a good idea to change the liners in your gloves during the day to keep your hands warm and dry.