Peak Performance ski wear: 'Real clothes for real skiers'

peak performance skiingWe have been fans of Peak Performance ski jackets and skiing apparel since we first opened our doors here at White Stone, so here are a few facts about the brand and their products that you might not already know...

Peak Performance's story begins in the late 1980's when four keen skiers, and regular visitors to the Swedish mountain village of Åre decided to work together to create the kind of ski wear that they wanted to wear: highly functional with cool, simple design. They felt that much of the ski wear available at the time was too flashy, and did not perform as well as it should - something that they wanted to improve upon.

These friends were Stefan Engström, a world-class skier with several World Cup wins to his name, Peter Blom who was editor-in-chief of a major ski magazine, Christer Mårtensson an art director & designer and Jonas Ottosson a former alpine skier. Their combined skills, expertise and shared passion for skiing made them the perfect team to create the kind of products that skiers actually wanted.

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Åre provided to be a fantastic base for the four entrepreneurs as the village itself saw a dramatic increase in visitors in the late 1980's, with its unpredictable weather conditions and impressive slopes seeing a big increase in popularity. Åre was the ideal setting to put the first Peak Performance products to the test, and before long the company's first mail order catalog would put the village's small post office to the test too - with so many orders flooding in!

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Peak Performance grew steadily and today they have gone from being a garage-size company to become a market-leading brand. Their foundation however remains the same as it was in 1986, built upon a ''love of sports and of nature''.

Here are some of the materials that make Peak Performance ski wear perform to such a consistently high level:

GORE TEX 3 Layer:- Garments made with Gore-Tex® fabric are durably waterproof and windproof, combined with optimized breathability – enduring products that maximize protection and comfort. GORE-TEX 3 layer construction means the GORE TEX membrane is bonded to both the outer fabric and the inner lining. This reduces movement between layers, which means less wear and tear and enhanced durability.

RECCO: RECCO detectors are carried by ski resorts and mountain rescue teams all over the world. These reflectors, which are a feature of many PP products, bounce back a directional signal that guides the rescuer straight to the reflector. Unlike other technologies, multiple RECCO® reflectors on one person can significantly improve detection.

Thermocool: This is a yarn designed to optimize the body’s natural thermal capabilities through smart fiber cross-sections. Duoregulationfiber technology helps the wearer to stay warm when they feel cold and cool when they feel hot.

HipeCore+ fabric: This is a fabric developed and tested by Peak Performance that is 100 % Windproof, Fullyseam-sealed, fully waterproof and breathable.

You can find all of our Peak Performance products on our brand page here, or alternatively click on an image for more information:
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